Our Story

Finger Clickin’ Goods (FCG) was born out of a desire for the availability of sometimes quirky and unusual but mainly useful lifestyle products at an affordable price. The first few products sourced were solar charging gadgets. We are truly fascinated by solar products and we just love the idea of charging up our favorite tech accessories using nothing more than the sun. The idea of integrating a solar charging panel on a backpack seamlessly sounded great to us! 

Here we describe the people working tirelessly to bring you what you see on this website. Justin Walter Michell is the founder and in charge of customer support. He ensures that you get what you need when you want it and helps out if you have any queries. Lauren Davis is the content manager and also assists with product sourcing. Her passions including teaching, writing, and finding quirky and unusual products for the store. When she is not helping out at FCG she teaches English, Drama and Social Studies at a school in Cape Town.  Lastly, but certainly not least, we have Carissa Govender who helps out with blogging and is our resident social media whizz. She is a writer by profession and loves hiking, dancing and keeping up to date with whatever is hot in the world. 

Please don’t be shy to get in touch with us. Even if you just want to say hello or chat to someone equally obsessed with the latest consumer trends, we don’t mind in the least! 

The Team

  • Justin Michell
    Justin Michell Founder
  • Lauren Davis
    Lauren Davis Content & Product Manager
  • Carissa Govender
    Carissa Govender Blogger & Content Writer
Contact Us: 021 813 9226

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