Samdi Wooden Stand For Apple Macbook

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Ideal for freeing up your desk and work space. This is the ultimate stand for your most prized and most useful Apple accessory, your beloved Macbook computer. Give your Macbook Air/Pro a break and allow it some breathing space with this useful wooden Macbook stand.

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This handy wooden desk holder/stand/rack is great for freeing up space on your desk and also a good place to park a very hot running Macbook Pro/Macbook Air. The soft rubber insert allows for a snug fit for your Macbook Pro 15″ or 13″ (a little less snug for the Macbook Air but does the job all the same) and it perfectly follows the curves of the Macbook. With anti-slip material on the undersurface this stand is super secure. The stand was created also with cable management in mind with useful cable organizer underneath stand – see pictures. Other laptops with a thickness of 24mm or less will be held securely by this stand. The product dimensions are approximately 26cm x 10cm.


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